A brief introduction about our frozen chilli for export

Frozen chillies are a hot commodity in the international market. People in Asia and other parts of the world love them! They are so tasty and can be used as an essential ingredient in many kinds of food that people in all over the world can enjoy.

  1. What it is

Chillies are the fruit of a tropical plant that originated in the Americas. They are the hottest of all peppers and have been used for centuries as a food and a medicine. Chillies contain very high levels of capsaicin which gives them their heat. Capsaicin is also responsible for many of the health benefits associated with chili peppers.In addition to the heat, Chillies are also high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Frozen red chillies  that have been flash-frozen solid so they can be shipped anywhere in the world, at any time of the year. .

  1. Description

Our frozen chilli for export comes in PE laminated PP bags with net weight of 20kgs. It is packed in a dedicated 40ft container for shipping by sea around the world.

  1. How we make it

We select the best chillies from our suppliers’ farm in Vietnam. Once the chillies are frozen, we transfer them to a storage facility where they are kept in a long-term freezer. When you order our frozen chilli for export, it will be shipped to you already frozen and ready to use.

Our quality control  measures are very strict. We only pack and send out frozen chillies that have met export standards. That’s why you can be 100% sure that every bag you receive from us will be fresh and full of heat!

  1. Why should people buy this product

Our frozen chilli for export is perfect for restaurants, food service companies, food manufacturers, food kiosks, street food vendors, coffee shops, convenience stores, supermarkets and all other types of retail outlets. It is also great for catering companies, hotels, nightclubs, spas, health clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, cruise ships, trains, taxicabs, and all other types of hospitality businesses. It can also be used as an ingredient in many dishes. The possibilities are endless!