Frozen Mango

Mangoes are one of the most delicious fruits on the planet. People all over the world enjoy them fresh or as part of a dessert. There are so many ways that mangoes can be used to enhance the flavor of food and make it more enjoyable.

Mangoes are tropical fruits that are popular in Southeast Asia and the Americas. They are now grown in many tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Mangoes can be found all year long in markets in warm climates. Frozen mangoes are a healthy, affordable, and convenient way to enjoy fresh mangoes all year round. There are many varieties of mangoes, and they all have different tastes and colors. One of the best mangos is Cat Chu mango which is a rare specialty in Vietnam. Some mangoes are green and some are yellow. The flesh of the mango is very juicy, and it contains very high levels of vitamin C and other nutrients. In addition to being delicious, mangos are packed with fiber and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

Frozen mangoes are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They are very convenient to serve and easy to use in any recipe. They can be eaten plain as a snack, or served with ice cream or yogurt.

Our frozen mango for export comes in PP bags or on trays with net weight made on-demand.

We select the best mangos from our suppliers’ farm in Vietnam. We only pick fresh mangoes when they are at their best. They are then washed, cut and frozen. Once the mangos are frozen by IQF technology and packed, we transfer them to a storage facility where they are kept in a long-term freezer. When you order our frozen mango for export, it will be shipped to you already frozen and ready to use. Our quality control measures are very strict. We only pack and send out frozen mango that has met export standards.