We, HPT International, are a company that specializes in transportation, forwarding, and trade services. At HPT, our first priority is top-notch quality.
With a wide network of professional partners, we are confident to be able to meet all the requirements of domestic and international transportation, to handle import and export goods in the safest and fastest way.
With strong transportation capacity and cooperation with many different strategic partners, we are proud that we can meet the diversified needs of forwarding and transporting to all delivery points across Vietnam and worldwide.
HPT International strives to become the leading provider of effective logistics solutions for businesses as well as domestic and foreign partners.

Our mission:

  • Constantly improving logistics solutions to provide customers and partners with professional, flexible and cost-effective services  with the application of modern technology.
  • Supporting government logistics development programs.
  • Contributing to the development of Vietnam's logistics industry.
  • Committing to community-oriented activities and operation.
  • Creating profit and growth for shareholders.

Our operation motto:
We always prioritize the benefits of our customers so we are constantly researching new and effective logistics solutions, regularly expanding our network of partners and applying new technology to provide superior quality services to all customers.
Experience our service by calling 1900 638 349 or email us immediately at sales@hpti.vn